Are you yearning to understand the fretboard like you understand your neighborhood? Do you want to learn to play like Hendrix, Jeff Beck, or Eric Clapton? Or learn to play lead guitar better than you thought you ever could? Then Kevin is the guy you need.

He’s well-versed in all styles of classic rock guitar, lead as well as rhythm guitar. Kevin can take your playing to new heights and stretch your knowledge to equal your imagination. The guitar playing world today offers you so many choices that it can be frustrating and intimidating to decide what will help you the most. But you can’t ask questions while watching a video of Steve Vai shredding.

Charts, tablature, video instruction all have their value, but if you can’t read music or tab, does that mean you can’t learn more? Absolutely not!! Most great players learned by listening and copying the great players of their time, You can, too.

Kevin will help you learn how to learn, how to play all those tunes that you want to play but can’t seem to figure out. Email him at  or call 484-294-8409 to get started. He’s accepting new students right now, so don’t wait. Start shredding with the best!

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