All of the guitars pictured  have been modified by Lehigh Valley Guitar. Kevin is a seasoned technician in all kinds of electronic modifications. Need pickups installed? Switches fixed? String height and intonation problems? Want to get more out of your present setup, or upgrade the entire pickup system?

Are you mystified by the diagrams you found online, and are just not ready to grab your soldering iron and start rewiring everything? Then Kevin can do it for you for a very reasonable cost. Any type of electronic repairs or upgrades, action adjustments, stringing, parts upgrades from bridges and Floyd Rose trems to replacing the nut or installing new hardware.

Refretting is also available, from full refrets to crowning, dressing and repairs, done by “Freak” Jason Marish, priced on a job-by-job basis. No job is too big or too small for Lehigh Valley Guitar.

Just email Kevin at and find out how easy it can be to go from boring to soaring! Anything you want, the way YOU want it, priced to fit any budget, no six-week lead times, every job done within days of receipt.

How can you go wrong? Get started now, get your axe hot-rodded!

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